Relapse Prevention from Depression (MBCT)

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) employs the core elements of the MBSR training program and approches and techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy. Generally a training in MBCT encompasses eight sessions.
Bodyscan, mindfulness of breathing, soft stretches taken from Yoga and the training of being mindful in daily life are the main formal practices we use in this context. On top of that in-depth information on depression will be communicated as well as exercises from the cognitvie behavioral therapy.

cost: 90 min/ 90,00 €  (120 min/100,00 €)

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Buddhist Psychotherapy

A short therapy over eight to ten appointments

The Buddhist psychotherapy BPT® according to Dr. Matthias Ennenbach, after a development phase and the following years of testing and maturation, now presents itself as an efficient and healing method of treatment, counselling, teaching and practice, which comprises elements from the Buddhist teachings, applied neurosciences and Western psychotherapy methods.

The non-religious Buddhist contents form the conceptual framework, guidelines and models. In addition, concrete Buddhist and psychotherapeutic exercises are integrated. The integrated western therapy methods are cross-school.

In individual individual sessions, the contents and exercises of Buddhist psychotherapy can be adapted and applied to your personal life situation.

The costs are 90 min./ 90,00 € (60 min./ 75,00 €)

Life counseling

Life questions viewed from an awareness-based, Buddhist-oriented perspective

In some life questions and issues no simple and quick solutions can be found; but problems and difficulties seen from a different perspective sometimes allow a completely new understanding of what is going on , especially if one puts one’s own situation into a somewhat larger context.

Costs are 90 min./ 90,00 €

Muscle fibres, fascia chains and breathing patterns

yoga therapy

The positive effect of yoga on the organism, on well-being and on the psycho-emotional level is widely known. But what actually happens from a (neuro-)physiological or biomechanical perspective during asana or pranayama?

Yoga can be used in a targeted way to support both prevention and various symptoms.

In the individual sessions, possible connections of the functions in the body are examined. This is done through the observation of fascia chains, skin images, as well as the ability of yogic breathing. Special yoga and breathing exercises, as well as simple massage applications flow into the treatment.

The costs are 90  min./ 90,00 € (120 min./ 100,00 €)
The first session should last 120 minutes, follow-up meetings by arrangement.