Friendly Awareness and Mindfulness of Breathing

Life often presents us with events that we can’t directly change. Certain incidents that negatively impact our life may lead to stress, a sense of discontent and, more long-term, to disease — in a word: to a loss in life quality and wellness. In such circumstances, many people look for help from external means (e.g., TV, drugs, medication), whether they are hoping for a quick fix or try to avoid and cover up the pain. Buddhist experience teaches us, on the contrary, how we can minimize suffering and dis-ease in a sustainable way though a change of our inner attitude as well as outer behaviour. Thus, buddhist practice can help us to face difficult situations in life, to become more aware and more skilful when relating to ourselves and the environment.

the method

Two approaches are particularly relevant here, ‘mindful experience of breathing’ and ‘relating in a friendly, compassionate way to ourselves and others’. Each of these topics comes with a well-tested method of silent meditation:

1) Mindfulness of Breathing
2) Cultivation of Loving Kindness.

With the help of these meditation practices, we learn to recognize and reevaluate old patterns of behaviour and thus prepare the habitual, ‘reactive’ mind to find new and more creative responses.

Apart from introducing you to these methods, my meditation seminars will provide you with the relevant context of the ‘buddhist training of the mind, including the importance of ethics for living well and healthily.

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MEDITATION Dates and course offers

Group size: max. 20 participants
Languages: German and English
Venue: Achtsamkeitspraxis Berlin

Buddhist Meditation

Every evening we dedicate ourselves to simple Buddhist statements and examine connections to everyday life and the relevance to work, private life and the wider social context.

Topics, preliminary (not final):
The Four Noble Truths
Conditional emergence and emptiness
Basics of mindfulness
The Five Mindset

The evening consists of one to two longer meditation phases (approx. 30 minutes each), a short lecture and exchange.

We start on 24 January 2019 at 19:00 and end at 21:00.
further dates: 31.1., 14.2., 21.2., 14.3., 21.3. 2019
The dates can also be visited individually.

Costs: 100,00 € for the whole course, 25,00 € per single date.
Also suitable for those without experience.

Individual Training in Meditation

Personal one-on-one training

Introduction and development of an individual meditation practice which helps to develop the qualities of mindfulness and friendliness in dealing with oneself and others.

The time frame will be tailored to your needs.

Place of individual work: in the rooms of Dayaraja Achtsamkeitspraxis Berlin or at your workplace.

Your costs range between 90 min./ 90,00 € (Achtsamkeitspraxis Berlin) and 120,00 €/ 60 min. (your workplace incl. journey) depending on the time required and the location.

Exercise materials will be provided.

Costs for meditation seminars

Collection, Deepening and Recognition – Buddhist Meditation: 150,00 € for the whole course, 25,00 € per single appointment (reduction on request).

The costs for the VHS seminars can be found in the respective brochure or online at

Costs for individual training:
Achtsamkeitspraxis Berlin:

90 min./ 90,00 €
Private: 90 min. (practice time) 120,00 €, including arrival and departure within Berlin
Company: 60 min. (practice time) 150,00 €, including arrival and departure within Berlin